Download a copy of a website

Download a copy of an entire website or a number of levels keeping the original urls, allowing you to set up a mirrored copy of the website.


Download NCollector Studio

When you need to create a copy/backup of a website without breaking the original urls and structure, this is the mode you should use. You might for example be given the task to modify a website without having the original source. Now this is made easy by using the mirror mode of NCollector Studio. The mirror mode allows you to download an entire website or a part of the target website without modifications.

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  • Backup/create a copy of an online website
  • Crawl multiple website levels
  • HTTP, HTTPS and FTP downloads
  • Restrict to domain or subdomain levels
  • Support websites requiring authentication
  • Filter crawled websites using powerful keyword support
  • Restrict on number of pages crawled
  • Exclude advertisement images by applying a provided keyword filter to prevent common advertisement urls
  • Exclude thumbnails by applying a provided keyword filter to prevent common thumbnail urls
  • Multithreaded download engine for great performance
  • Themes support
  • Configurable number of simultaneous connections
  • Configurable user agent
  • Proxy server configuration
  • Supports saving your projects to run it again later - will only download changed files