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NCollector Studio 2.0 Limited Beta

Interested in trying out the new NCollector Studio 2.0 before it is released? Send us an e-mail and we’ll provide you with the necessary bits to start using it.

We have some exiting news in this release including a major UI upgrade with an image gallery, project library and integrated reporting. We have also made lots of core improvements which should result in better overall results, like JavaScript parsing, regex keywords, inline browser parser (allowing a browser to render the page before parsing) and lots more.

NCollector Studio 1.9.1

We've just released version 1.9.1 of NCollector Studio containing a couple of minor bugfixes.

NCollector Studio 1.9

We've just released version 1.9 of NCollector Studio.

Complete change log:
  • [FEATURE] Improved CSS parser, now supporting .less syntax
  • [FEATURE] Target download folder stored with saved projects
  • [FEATURE] Currently configured user agent used when displaying inline browser
  • [FEATURE] Mimetype from link tags now used, so that e.g. css files downloaded as plain text are handled as css
  • [BUGFIX] Css parser not properly handling invalid css (end curly bracket without a start)
  • [BUGFIX] A couple of potential exceptions fixed

NCollector Studio 1.8

We've just released version 1.8 of NCollector Studio. Now with automatic update notification, so you'll never miss a new version.

Complete change log:
  • [FEATURE] Automatic update notification
  • [FEATURE] Parser based on HTML Agility pack which provides better parse result, especially noticable in offline browse mode
  • [FEATURE] lowsrc added as possible link attribute
  • [BUGFIX] Html encoded urls not decoded properly
  • [BUGFIX] Google images search no longer working
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed css parser issue with certain invalid css
  • [BUGFIX] Keyword filter not showing when using professional theme
  • [BUGFIX] Configuration view displays the incorrect value for "report exceptions" setting
  • [BUGFIX] Problem displaying the report when target path contains spaces
  • [BUGFIX] Minor UI issues
  • [BUGFIX] A couple of potential crashes fixed