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NCollector Studio 3.0 beta 1

Today we're making the first beta version of NCollector Studio 3.0 available for download. The 3.0 version has lots of new features, including:

  • The ability to resume an aborted or failed project
  • Preview mode - allowing you to execute a project without downloading files locally
  • Target specific page regions

And much more...

Because of the large number of improvements to the wizard options in this version, we took the oportunity to redesign the project configuration schema completely. Unfortunately this means that users will have to set up their projects from scratch. The upside is that, now we can add new features much easier in the future without breaking old projects. Please delete old projects and target folders if they're no longer needed.

Download the new version and give us your feedback!

Please note that NCollector Studio 3.0 require .NET 4.5.

NCollector Studio 2.1 information and more

We're working hard on getting the 2.1 release ready, featuring:

  • Preview mode - run the project without actually downloading anything to your hard drive, allowing you to tune the project configuration before downloading. The image gallery report will still work, so this is also a great viewer for the image search providers.
  • Project configuration - include or exclude specific domains/sub-domains/folders, optionally for specific levels.
  • Project configuration - specify the maximum number of downloaded files
  • And much more...

Other News

NCollector Studio 2.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of NCollector Studio 2.0. Visit the downloads page to get the new version. This update has lots of new features and improvements, including a revamped user interface, integrated project library, javascript parsing, regex keywords, render before parse functionality for dynamic sites, performance improvements and much more. View the complete change log.

This also marks the first release of NCollector Studio Lite, a feature limited free version of NCollector Studio.

NCollector Studio 2.0 Beta

NCollector Studio 2.0 Beta is now available from our website. Visit the downloads page to download your copy. We have some exiting news in this release including a major UI upgrade with an image gallery, project library and integrated reporting. We have also made lots of core improvements which should result in better overall results, like JavaScript parsing, regex keywords, inline browser parser (allowing a browser to render the page before parsing) and lots more. View the complete change log.

We're also announcing NCollector Studio 2.0 Lite which is a feature limited free version of NCollector Studio.