Console Application - Documentation

How to use the console application

Finding the console application

NCollector Studio can be operated to its full potential using the console-mode. This mode has been optimized to provide the user with maximum performance and the ability to run projects as scheduled task.

It can be started either by clicking the "NCollector Studio Console"-shortcut located in the Start-menu, or by manually locating it using the command-line.

After clicking the icon you will be taken to the folder in which the program has been installed. From here you can run the NCollector Studio command-line tool.

The typical usage scenario for the console application is to schedule a project using the Windows Task Scheduler. First, set up a project using the main application and verify that it works as intended by running it once. Now find the project (*.wrp) file in the library folder, usually "[Documents]\NCollector\Projects". Then set up a task in Task Scheduler with an action to start the application "ncconsole", usually located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCollector Studio\ncconsole", with command parameters: -load="c:\projects\example.wrp". Finally, set the desired triggers for the project, e.g. daily at 1:00, and confirm.