How Does It All Work

NCollector Studio is the easy way to copy content from the web to your computer. Download specific file-types, make an offline-browsable copy of any webpage, or simply make a backup of your website. NCollector is the all in one solution covering your needs whether you're a professional or home-user.

We've taken the best from the WebRipper 1.x series, refined it, and added some new exciting features for you to enjoy.

The file rip-mode lets you download any type of files from the web. Specify a starting-URL, how deep to search, and the extensions to download, and off you go. It's really as simple as that. If you are seeking more in-depth control, NCollector provides a vast amount of settings to filter downloads on your criteria.

Tired of spending hours on an airplane without being able to surf the web? Download your favorite websites upfront and make them browsable without an internet-connection using the offline browse-mode. All links will be translated to local links, making the site usable in your browser even when there is no internet-connection available. Sites can even be distributed on other media like memory sticks, CD or DVDs.

Make an exact copy of a website (this might vary depending on the type of website) using the mirror-mode. The crawler will scan and download all bits and pieces found on a specified site, making a persistent local copy. The copy has the same structure as the original site.

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