Offline Browser and Website Crawler

NCollector Studio is the easy way to download content from the web to your computer. Crawl for specific file types, make any website available for offline browsing or simply download a website to your local computer. NCollector is the all in one solution covering your needs whether you're a professional or home user.

NCollector Studio main window NCollector Studio setting up a website crawler project using the intuitive wizard NCollector Studio integrated image gallery showing images downloaded using the Bing Images Provider
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Offline Browsing

Tired of spending hours on an airplane without being able to surf the web? Want to demo or share a website with someone without requiring an internet connection? NCollector Studio allows you to download websites for offline browsing using the offline browser mode. All links will be translated to local links, making the website available for offline browsing from your local computer. Read more on the offline browsing mode

Website Crawler (download images, videos, music etc.)

The website crawler mode lets you crawl a website for any type of files (images, videos, music etc.) and download to your local computer. Specify a starting URL, how deep to search, and the extensions to download, and off you go. If you are seeking more in-depth control, NCollector Studio provides a vast amount of settings to filter your website downloads. Read more on how to download files from a website

Search Providers

Quickly download images using the included google images and bing images search providers pre-configured to download the images you need. Read more on the search mode

Mirror Website

Download a complete website without modifications to you local computer with the mirror website mode. The copy will have the same structure and content as the original website, allowing you to set up a mirrored version of the website on a new host for example. Read more on the mirror website mode

What our users say about NCollector Studio

"I find NCollector Studio to be hands down the best software I’ve used for mirroring sites or finding all the files of a type from a site and downloading them." – Charles Blevins

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